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VCA x ODD³ season 2023 technical apparel pre-order is NOW open!

VCA is collaborating for the 2nd time with apparel makers and friends ODD³ for our upcoming collection of technical gear and we are super stoked to present to you DELTIC.

DELTIC collection is influenced by the great British Rail Class 55, also known as a Deltic, or English Electric type 5.

Yeap, a diesel locomotive train like no other. Class 55s were the most powerful single-unit diesel locomotives in the world, with a power output of 3,300 hp. 


DELTIC collection includes a jersey in 2 different styles and Cargo type BIB shorts.

Available in sizes from XXS to XXL *pre-order* is now OPEN and will last for 22 days. That is the 18th of January so place your order prior to the aforementioned date.

Why 22? 

-Because only 22 of these engines were made and we find this fascinating.

But wait there is we love collaborating with creative people, this time you can also grab the infamous WALDO cycling wallet from ENA BAGS colour coordinated to match your DELTIC gear.

Right on.

All pics and visuals for this project by MATT BARTEK.

Foivos aka ThePfromf is our rider/model for DELTIC.

Heads up!

We have prepared for you a full edit with ThePfromf tackling mountain Parnitha on his track bike that will AIR in the beginning of 2023 so keep your eyes peeled for some TRACK goodness.

All in due time.


NOTE: This is a pre-order. Date of delivery TBA.