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First SoEz for 2021 is for PAVLOS from Cup of Joe coffee.This is a special one, as it was painted in Cardiff by Spray.Bike big boss man.Custom Archetype x King shoes, all around BLB and Zipp components and a beautiful hydro-dipped paint job.Painted with Spray.bike this #tracklocross beast is a collaboration between the sweet folks from SQUID bikes and London rats BLB and built here in Athens.

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Matt is one of the crew. Always happy to help with visual projects and a part of the #creamfixed fam. Wanted a fresh look for the raw alu BLB LA Piovra ATK we built for him a couple years back. He picked up some rattle-cans from the shop and kinda disapeared for a while(yeah,yeah...I know,  Quarantine.)  One day he rocked in front of the shop with this beauty. Super fresh. He did an amazing job with #spraydotbike. Meisse Orange as a base colour and Milan Celadon 1 and Battersea Splatterwork. Ace!  

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Mido's "Astral Drifter" Custom painjob with Spray.Bike Whitechappel/Brass Gold and Gold Glitter Marbled 

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