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Yes, that title is confusing when trying to pronounce it, but it does the thing right? , Athens provides some really good Gravel spots and Jason just put out a starters guide to Athens Gravel. Few good spots together with some useful info such as maps, elevation and things to know before you hit the trail. Good read if you enjoy big tyres, don't mind eating some dirt and love a good adventure. Click the link bellow to read the whole thing and send him a virtual hug for being a sweetheart. GRAVEL GR's GRAVEL ROUTES AROUND ATHENS Jason is a...

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Custom Gravel Fyxation Quiver X for Kostas from Lot 51. This has been one of our favourite geared builds of the year. Check the Custom Bikes Page for full bike check. Thank you Kostas for the trust. Ride hard. Drink coffee🖤  

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  Our TORA! Jersey is the jersey you never thought you needed.  New addition to our collection of Sick Bike Stuff is a new collaboration with local apparel makers ODD3. Tora was the Japanese code word indicating that complete surprise had been attained. The word, which can also mean “tiger” is actually an abbreviation of "totsugeki raigeki" (突 撃雷撃) which means “lightning attack.” " Tora! Tora! Tora!" PRE-ORDER starts now and ends on the 31st of Dec. All pre-orders will be shipped on the 15th of January. Limited edition as now you know. YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOOSE. CLICK HERE TO PREORDER VCA x ODD3 Dec 2020  

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