Sotiris's  Croix de Fer Custom paint job and build

Sotiris's Croix de Fer Custom paint job and build


Quoting S.B. big honcho man..

There's a story..We don't normally paint bikes ourselves..'cos Spray.Bike is DIYFS - right?

This is an exception, my mate Sotiris asked me to and i said yes. It's based on a train - a British Rail Deltic 55 - to be precise. We chopped up the colours in the train and laid them flat and grid and then with some masking translated this on to the tubes.

Goldhawk Road, Royal Oak, Silvertown, Greenwich, Blackfriars(unintentionally all from the London collection) With Coventry red buffer zones. Oh and a Superbe Pink fork because that's what Sotiris asked for.

Vicious Cycles Athens did all the build with Sram Rival and Apex parts, Hunt Tubeless rollers, Brooks Seating and TRP stopping equipment.

 Oh the bike! Yes it's a Genesis Croix De Fer- which actually sounds like something off a nice French menu."