Fibre Flare rear bike led

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"High intensity Omni-directional light output visible from almost any direction"

Fibre Flare is a portable self contained safety device having a flexible solid core side emitting fibre optic element interposed between two electronic housing ends, inside each of the housing ends is a single high intensity LED. When the LED's illuminate they emit a high intensity uni-directional light beam that is directed into each end of the fibre optic core, the fibre optic then distributes the LED light input and illuminates along its entire length to emit a high intensity Omni-directional light output visible from almost any direction at distances over 300 meters (constant or strobe).

Power Source: 2 x AAA batteries (included)

Run Time: 70hrs + (strobe program)

Mounting: Silicone attachment slings fit tubes 10mmOD up to 60mmOD (included)

Light modes: Solid or strobe

Extra Features: Visible over 300 meters in every direction


Mounting Fibre Flare Side Lights on the bottom of your down tube (just behind your front wheel) will not only provide excellent side visibility but it will also improve you visibility from obscure angles from an 'off centre-front on' perspective and at the same time will cast a burst of coloured light on the road beneath your ride.