Basket Case 139

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Basket Case 139 is our latest collaboration with Awning Artisans and friends 3Quarters.

Made with upcycled materials and love, this is our take on one of our favourite bike accessories: the basket.

Basket Case 139 is meant to be paired with the Wald 139 Basket (duh).

Super easy to mount on and off your bike, this roll-top basket bag will keep your beer and groceries safe until you get home.

The 45cm straps are handy for carrying it as a shopping bag.

What you need to know:

-Water resistant

-The 6-pack divider can be removed for additional space and is also designed to be a pillow because we want you to be super chilled.

-Secret pocket for your “change” (wink wink)

-Bottom straps for mounting the bag on your basket.

Keep in mind that this is a handmade item which will need some time to be prepared for you.

That being said, pre-order is on so don’t miss out on this.


Note: Wald 139 Basket not included in the price.