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The Guee Sol 200 Plus LED Front Light is a great cycling partner and will guide you safely home in the darker hours of the day. The Light features a high powered 200 Lumen CREE LED with an optical lens and modern, compact design which make it light weight and easy to store and transport. The light offers many different modes which are ideal for different conditions, for example, if you are riding down country lanes at night you will want to use the High setting (200 Lumens) and if you were riding through town you will want to use a flash setting so that you stand out more under the street lamps. The machined body design is a GUEE minimalist trademark look, with precision cooling features for consistent Lumen output and a prolonged life. The light is rechargeable so you are able to charge it at work, home or where ever there is an output socket. The light takes 3 hours to charge fully and has a great battery life (4.5hrs/standard, 3hrs/high, 6hrs/low, 12hrs/flash, 6hrs/strobe). The light comes supplied with a handy tool free mount that will allow you to mount the light to most sizes and shapes of bars. Overall this is the perfect commuting partner with a quick charge time and a focused beam you are sure to be seen on the roads.

Light Source: CREE LED
Brightness: 200 Lumens
Power Source: Rechargeable battery
Run Time: Minimum 3 hours, Maximum 12 hours (depending on setting)
Charge Time: 3 hours
Battery Life Indicator: Yes
Mounting Tool: Free Mount
Light modes: 5 modes Front/Rear/Set Front
Extra Features: 180 degree light visibility


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