Image of SE Wildman 2018

SE Wildman 2018


With a 19.5” top tube, the Wildman might be small but it packs a mean punch. It’s the perfect bike for a new BMXer looking to hit the trails, street, or skatepark. Built with 25-9 gearing, tapered fork legs, and extra-wide 2.3” tires, it’s ready to be put to the test.

SE tapered-leg forks with cut-out clearance for pegs
25-9 micro gearing with SE sprocket
Alloy hubs
Lightweight seat/post combo
Top-load stem with hidden top cap for clean look
Extra-wide 2.3” tires provide more traction and forgiveness on harsh landings
26.7 lbs

NOTE: Delivery time is between 7-10 days