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Definition: Something bundled, crossed, or mixed. Composed of different things, of two different origins; mixed; hermaphroditic.

With our Roll-Top backpack we have created the optimal backpack for the two wheel Urbanite:

The URBAN TWO-WHEEL Roll-Top HYBRID is a perfect symbiosis of functionality and, at the same time, minimalist design. A product that combines the advantages of both sides in one backpack. It is the next logical step in the evolution of the Roll-Top backpack.

Functionality of the New York Messenger

Back in the 70s, the New York bike messenger needed flexibility in its storage space. He/she had to adapt flexibly to the size of the transport object. Now it's no different: today the basketball, tomorrow the fitness outfit. Our Roll-Top adapts. The backpack rolled up 31.5 litres. The backpack rolled out 40 litres.

Minimalism is our thing.

We are fans of minimalist design. For example, our bikes are minimalist. Why? Because it just looks nice. That's why we design our backpacks exactly the same way.

Efficient storage space

We also implement the same minimalism concept in our storage space. With the laptop inside pocket (up to 17 inch laptop) and another small inside pocket we offer you storage space for important utensils. The front pocket is designed for things that need to be within easy reach. We think that we have found the narrow line between functionality and unnecessary features, because we deliberately decided against more small bags & storage options.

Who actually uses these infinite features?

Long life

It was also important to create a backpack that could be kept for a long time despite intensive use. We designed this backpack without zipper or velcro at the upper opening, because it is a known breaking point.

In addition, we opted for a particularly thick outer material and inner lining. A rough handling of this material is therefore no problem.